We’re committed to enabling people–all people–through technology

We see a world where people are liberated from mundane, repetitive tasks, by working side-by-side with Digital Workers —allowing them more time to use their intellect and creativity to solve higher-order business challenges, perform knowledge work, and be exponentially more productive and far more fulfilled. Our corporate social responsibility efforts center on applying RPA technology in ways that empower people and communities from all walks of life. Democratizing automation and augmenting human intellect offers unprecedented opportunities for everyone–and every community.




Creating career paths in at-risk communities

Automation offers a unique opportunity to bring achieving great things within reach for all walks of life. That’s why we’re making RPA skills accessible for disadvantaged segments of society.

People Shore

PeopleShores is a Social Enterprise offering digital transformation and technology enabled outsourcing services to its corporate clients. Its charter is to empower disadvantaged individuals in underserved communities so they can participate in a digital economy. It has service delivery centers in San Jose, CA and Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The core tenet of the partnership is to build a narrative around creating RPA skills and 1000’s of jobs in underserved communities across the US, jointly establishing RPA Centers of Excellence in San Jose, CA and Clarksdale, MS. These COE’s provide employment and create opportunities for customers, community and academia to explore RPA technology.

Goodwill® works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

Automation Anywhere is honored and excited to partner with Goodwill Industries on a mutual goal: To help the U.S. underserved secure meaningful and life-sustaining work through technology training. We eagerly look forward to helping many of the 675,000 people who received digital skills training through Goodwill last year reskill and upskill in RPA—a fast growing field with exploding demand.


RuralShores is a technology and business process outsourcing enterprise with a charter to transform aspiring Rural Youth into knowledge professionals. Since inception in 2009, RuralShores has provided employment for more than 15,000 youth across Rural India.

Automation Anywhere shares a common passion with RuralShores: Bringing life changing and sustainable living options to youth and others caught in rural India’s vicious cycle of poverty, with few opportunities for employment. Using our technology, input and support, RuralShores offers RPA training that can bring them steady work and income security.

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Need A Hand? Get Unlimited Digital Workforce Support During COVID-19

Serving communities during times of crisis is critical work. We’re here to help you succeed

We’re providing automation services for free to community organizations during COVID-19. We want to help you do even more with intelligent automation.

Qualified applicants will receive unlimited bot licenses for 3 months, up to 50 hours of free setup and training, 24/7 global support, and add-on services offered at cost. Tell us how your organization is supporting your community.



Meet JW Webster III, Business Process Associate, and hear how the PeopleShores’ center of excellence (CoE) has enabled him to advance his RPA skills and pursue his dream of owning a business.

Meet RPA specialist Oliver Deeley and hear how RPA training, through PeopleShores and Automation Anywhere, has allowed him to gain new technology skills, expand his career options, and get a "second chance" at working in tech.

Meet Oren Gazit, RPA-certified developer and trainer, and learn how working with PeopleShores helped Oren focus his skills, get trained in RPA, leading to an expanded career path technology.

Meet Marquisha Lester, Certified RPA Trainer at PeopleShores, to hear how PeopleShores’ center of excellence (CoE) has provided her with new career opportunities as an RPA trainer.

RPA Education for Everyone

Globally Accessible RPA Training Courses and Certification Programs

Anyone, anywhere, can upskill or reskill with online training in the leading automation technologies. Where individual access is limited, Automation Anywhere offers train-the-trainer programs with a curriculum that combines both theoretical and hands-on RPA training to qualify trainers on the Automation Anywhere platform. On completion, trainers are eligible to deliver Automation Anywhere RPA product training within their organizations and become part of a select group of Automation Anywhere Certified RPA Trainers.

People Shore

Automation Anywhere University partnered with EdCast on "futureskills," a NASSCOM skilling initiative unveiled by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this year. The partnership will further enable NASSCOM’s vision of upskilling two million technology professionals and skilling another two million potential employees and students over the next few years.

Applying AI to the Future

Combining human and artificial intelligence for a better world

Pretending that big challenges facing people and our planet aren’t “our problem” is the opposite of what we’re here for. We’re all in—there is only one Earth. Solving shared problems is an essential part of why we exist. We’re looking for our next project, and we’re ready for anything—energy, food and water, health, transportation, education, environment.

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Empowering Women in Technology

Fostering leadership and creating opportunities through Automation Anywhere’s Women’s Empowerment Circle

Automation Anywhere’s Women’s Empowerment Circle supports women to grow stronger through networking, coaching, mentorship, sharing best practices, and sponsorship—and helps them grow community, voice, and presence in the organization. The Circle helps women build skills and confidence for career advancement and leadership.


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